To link or not to link? That is the question.

Ah, to link or not to link. Should you link your blog to facebook, linked in, twitter? The answer will be different for everyone. There are a variety of considerations you have to take into account. For example:

What is the blog for? If you are using your blog to build your web presence then you probably want to link to other platforms. If however you are using your blog to post dirty pictures maybe not.

Who do you want to share your thoughts with? Friends, Family, everyone? The answer will be different for everyone.

My personal background is military so I am not used to sharing information in a public forum. As such, I was not going to link my blog. However, after further thought I decided that I would link my blog. Why? I am using this to build my professional reputation in my new career. I will not put anything that I would not want my mother to see on my blog and I control how much personal information is on here. If you are looking for my address or phone number you are not going to find it. You will however find a link to my facebook page.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts on this subject.




Budget cuts at Library and Archives Canada


Budget cuts at Library and Archives Canada

Here is an interesting article on how the budget cuts at Library and Archives Canada is effecting the work they do for Canadians.  I believe that is disgraceful that Library and Archives Canada has been reduced to such a state.  I would love to see an increse in funding so that they can carry out thier mandate.

What do you readers think?



FIMS student council and the UWO stategic plan

In a recent issue of our student newspaper, “The Gazette”, there was an interesting article on The Faculty of Information and Media Studies student council and their response to the universities strategic plan. The link to the article can be found here at and the link to the open letter can be found at What do you readers think of the issues raised by the student council? Do you agree that universities are becoming too corporate? I look forward to hearing your views.


I recently had a chance to watch “The Librarian” a 1947 vocational film on the subject of libraries and librarians. It can be found at the following link, <", if anyone is interested in seeing it. Even though this film is over 60 years old, I found it surprising relevent to todays world. While the technology and political attitudes have changed, the basis of librarianship has not. The library classifications have remained pretty much the same and librarians do basically the same thing. I personally found this very surprising. While I knew the library profession has a reputation of being conservative I was very surprised at how similar the profession today was to the profession 60 years ago.

What are some of the similarities I see you may ask? That is a great question. While technology has certainly changed, the basic job breakdowns have stayed the same. We still have school librarians, special librarians, public librarians and library administrators. We still have library schools and there is still the distinction between professional librarians and para professionals. In many ways it appears things have not changed at all. I believe this to be false. While the basis of librarianship has and should remain timeless, ie: helping people find the information they are looking for, organizing the constant stream of information produced by society, serving as a guide through vast amounts of information, the way librarians go about this and the attitudes towards librarians have changed significantly and I would argue for the better.

The most obvious example of the change in librarianship from 1947 to the present day is found in the technology used by librarians in their day-to-day work. The card catalog used in 1947 to organize information has given way to MARC records and computer databases. This revolution has made searching for information faster, cheaper and more accurate. It has also made things more confusing as the amount of information searched has increased tremendously. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I do not know but I tend to believe it is more good than bad.

The second and most important change effecting the profession today as compared to 1947 is the change in political attitudes. With the rise of civil rights, feminism, equal opportunity and the acceptance of different cultures and beliefs, the age of patriarchy is all but over. The day of father knows best and the domination of the professions by WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) males are all but over. Even though I am the classic male WASP I strongly believe that this is for the best. Society is much better when we use the talents of all our citizens. Librarians and library associations have often lead the charge on issues like this and that makes me proud to enter the profession.

I end by asking my readers do you think things are better for the library profession today then they were in 1947? Do you agree with my analysis of the changes? Why or Why not. I look forward to hearing from you.


My Resume


To benefit your organization by using my skills in leadership, management, administration, and teaching

Professional Skills:

Effective oral and written communication skills
Efficient and motivated individual; able to multi-task
Constantly seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth


2013 – Present Masters of Library and Information Science
University of Western Ontario

2001 –2002 Masters of Public Administration
Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia

2000 – 2001 Bachelor of University Studies, Elementary Education (with distinction)
University of Fort Kent, Fort Kent Maine

1990 – 94 Bachelor of Arts, Political Science / Philosophy
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax Nova Scotia

Professional Development:

Mutual Fund, General Insurance and Life Insurance Training
Certificate in Communications from Saint Mary’s University
Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate from Saint Mary’s University
First Aid, CPR and AED trained

Work Experience:

2012-2013 Assistant to the Customer Service Team Manager, Veterans Affairs Canada, Windsor Office

• Responsible for weekly and monthly reports on tracking customer service
• Redesigned minutes for all staff meetings
• Redesigned and taught report and presentation format
• Administered homeless veterans initiative in South-western Ontario
• Responsible for special projects in the Windsor Office
• Other administrative and management duties as required

2011 –2012 Assistant Training Officer, Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment

• Responsible for budget and attendance tracking
• Organizing social functions, for example: mess dinners and reunions, thereby increasing morale
• Other administrative and management duties as required

2010 –2011 Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School, Canadian Forces, St. Jean, Quebec, Canada

• Attended Canadian Forces Leadership Training Program (Officer Cadet, Air Force)
• Learned to lead troops on parade, in garrison, and into battle
• Administrative duties

2010 Produce Department, Wal Mart, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

• Stocking and inspecting produce
• Customer service duties, thereby increasing the profitability of the store
• Member of the Health and Safety Team
• Other duties as required

2008 – 2010 Part time Instructor, Sheridan Collage, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

• Teaching Business Communication skills to adult students, thereby increasing their future employment opportunities
• Other administrative duties as required

2009 – 2010 Renovation Team, Wal Mart, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

• Expanding the store, increasing profitability
• Stocking shelves
• Member of the Health and Safety Team
• Other duties as required

2006 – 2008 Financial Planner, Ten Star Financial Services, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

• Increased clients’ knowledge of insurance and investment products
• Performed internal marketing and administrative duties, which increased office efficiency and product availability

1998 – 2000
2003 –2005 ESL Teacher, Nova Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

• Taught conversational English to both children and adults thereby increasing their future educational and employment opportunities
• Prepared lesson plans for a cross section of students thereby increasing their English proficiency
• Increased the profitability of the organization by administering child and youth programs and training other teachers in their use

1996 Customer Service Representative, Edward Standfords Limited, London, England

• Increased the company’s sales ratio by representing the company domestically and internationally both over the phone and in person
• Advised customers as to which product would best suit their needs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction
• Provided accurate record keeping by shipping maps and books to international customers and keeping records of all shipments
• Performed other sales duties as needed, such as Cashier Duties

1995 – 1996 Fundraiser, Great Western Entertainment Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia

• Raised funds for various charities leading to improved donations
• Increased the effectiveness of the office by training new staff in fundraising techniques and performing internal administrative duties

1989 – 1995 Supply Technician, Canadian Armed Forces Reserve

• Served in both the Air Force and Army (retired as a corporal)
• Worked with Artillery, Communications, Air Maintenance and Military Intelligence Units on a temporary basis
• Served in a non-combat role during the Gulf War
• Procured, warehoused and transported supplies to fellow soldiers
• Kept and updated inventory lists, supply requests and military logs
• Trained other soldiers in warehouse safety procedures

Honours and Affiliations

1995- Present Member of the Society for Creative Anachronism
1997 – Present Member of Presbyterian Church (Board of Managers 2007 – 2010)
1998 – 2000 Worked with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (Interdenominational)
1997 – 1998 Church Youth Group Leader
1988 – 1990 Member of Junior Achievement / Top Salesperson

Why Warrior Archivist

Some of you may be wondering why I chose the name Warrior Archivist for my blog.  The reason is simple; in my previous career I served as an Air Force Officer with the Canadian Forces.  I am fifth generation military and am very proud of my heritage.  I am not able to continue with my chosen career due to injuries so I decided I could best serve as a librarian / archivist.  Hence the name. 

Have a great day everyone.




Welcome to my blog

Hello everyone. My name is Paul Smart and I am a Masters Student at The University of Western Ontario. I have just started studying Library and Information Science after many years in the workforce and it is great to be back in an academic environment. My main area of interest is in Archiving and Special Collections and I hope to eventually do a PhD in this subject area.

I will be blogging about my journey into this new profession and welcome anyone interested in Libraries, Archives or Information Management to follow along. I will be posting my own thoughts on what I learn and hope I can help others learn and grow with me. Please feel free to post your own thoughts and questions and maybe we can learn together. All I ask is that if you do post on the controversies or theories in the profession that you keep it clean and respectful. This is a blog for learning and discussion, not insults and put downs.

Nice to meet everyone